Interning at “Meet the Press”

By Dean’s Intern Riddhi Sarkar at NBC’s Meet the Press

Riddhi SarkarNo two days on the job are the same on the set of “Meet the Press,” NBC’s flagship Sunday morning public affairs program. As an intern, my work involves finding newsworthy clips and photos for segments and collaborating with producers to compile research for the show two days a week. On Sundays, I am back before sunrise to start working on different aspects of production, ranging from taking photos for the “Meet the Press” Instagram account to helping producers in the control room.

“Meet the Press” was the first show I watched with my family after we moved to the United States from India when I was ten. The program introduced us to American politics and hearing the voice of Tim Russert, the moderator of the show at the time, became part of our Sunday morning routine. I never imagined that a decade later, I would get to contribute directly to the show and be included in the rolling credits of the program.

Seeing everything the team works on all week come alive on Sundays is always exciting. It feels rewarding to see research I helped put together translate into questions that the moderator, Chuck Todd, asks guests on the show.

Getting the opportunity to work for the longest running television show in history has been more than a dream come true. I am grateful to everyone who has cheered me on in pursuing journalism, especially my family, friends and inspiring professors in SOC.