A Winning Team at NBC4

By Dean’s Intern Jaha Knight at NBC4

Jaha KnightIf you’re looking for an internship that is as close to real job experience as possible, working for the News 4 Local team is it!!! I am constantly amazed by the opportunities I have had as an intern and most the time I don’t even feel like an intern because I’m doing so many hands-on tasks. During my time at NBC I have been out with various reporters to cover the 4,5 and 6:00 news that day, created my own reel of packages and stand -ups and even counted the polls that were shown on live TV during election night!

At NBC you work closely with professionals like Leon Harris, Pat Collins, Doreen Gentzler and many more news professionals who are there to help you perfect you craft and give you the basic skill sets to make it as a young journalist! I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and I feel more prepared than ever to take on the world of journalism post-graduation!