Navigating the Exciting Landscape of Public Media

By Dean’s Intern Karissa Waddick at Current

Karissa WaddickInterning at Current these last two months has been an amazing experience. When I started this internship, I knew that writing for a trade publication would be different than my previous experiences reporting on stories at AU and in D.C. However, I didn’t realize the diverse array of stories that could be told within the subject of public media. In these short few weeks at Current I interviewed a band, reported on a new documentary, and wrote about the hardships a new community radio station in California is facing. All of the stories revolve around public media but, no two are alike.

Navigating the landscape of public media has been challenging but, is extremely exciting. Every story requires a great deal of research into industry operations. It is like learning a new beat. With the guidance of my editors, I’ve researched funding, public media grants, and the details of leasing radio tower space. Writing about these intricate issues has reminded me of the importance of diligent, thorough and accurate reporting. I’ve learned to dig deeper and ask the questions public media readers want answered. Along the way, I’ve noticed improvements in my reporting and writing skills and have gained a deep appreciation for community and public media.