Learning the Inner Workings of NBC Sports

By Dean’s Intern Kimberly Cataudella at NBC Sports

Kimberly CataudellaI am grateful for the real-world newsroom experience I am gaining with my spring internship with NBC Sports Washington. While we have systems in place that organize our daily tasks and give us an idea of what we will be working on when we come into the office, schedules can – of course – quickly change as news happens. My favorite days in the newsroom are the days when I have so many posts to publish, photos to edit and blogs to write that I can barely squeeze in a moment to run to the fridge and bring my lunch to my desk!

I’ve loved being able to spend some time in the control room to learn the inner-workings of creating NBC’s shows and putting together all of the organization’s television channels. Though the majority of my time is spent in the newsroom, I cherish the times I get experience elsewhere. I’ve had some conversations about podcast production too, which showed me yet another aspect of the organization.

Overall, my spring internship with NBC Sports Washington is showing me the many sides of digital media, and I am thankful for the knowledge I am getting every day!