“This is Leanna Faulk reporting live for CBS News”

By Dean’s Intern Leanna Faulk at CBS News

Leanna FaulkI am currently interning with CBS News within the CBSN department. CBSN is the 24-hour digital streaming network for the CBS News Station. Alongside my two supervisors, we handle all of the booking and guest requests for D.C. and New York Bureaus.

Every morning, it is my responsibility to be up-to-date with all guests coming into the bureau for that day. When guests do arrive, I am their main point of contact from the moment they enter the studio to the second their hit has aired. If I am even one minute behind schedule, it can impact the way a segment is aired across the country. I’ve had to privilege of meeting a number of influential people in D.C. area including Editor-in-Chief of The Hill, Bob Cusack, DC Bureau Chief of VICE News, Shawna Thomas, and even the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence.

I had not really imagined myself working as a political journalist but interning with CBS News has really opened my eyes to the possibility. The producers at CBS are very hands-on but they also give me a lot of space and opportunity to work on projects that interest me.

Once a week, I assist with the production of Major Garrett’s podcast, “The Takeout.” On my first day, I had the pleasure of meeting 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. Sundays are my favorite day to be in the studio because I get the chance to help with “Face the Nation.” Seeing all that happens behind-the-scenes of one the longest-running news program on the air is an unimaginable experience for an aspiring journalist.

My favorite day interning with CBS was when I spent my day working on Capitol Hill the day before the Michael Cohen testimony. It was on the Hill that I learned the ins and outs of working as a producer and on-air reporter for a television news broadcast. I was given the opportunity to stakeout Congressman Matt Gaetz and question him on a series of threatening tweets against Cohen live on-air. The clip of me asking him a question was repurposed on multiple networks including NBC, ABC, and a Local NY station.

It’s been an overall great experience working with CBS News and CBSN. I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has to offer me.