Expanding My Skill Set at APCO Worldwide

By Dean’s Intern Grace Strong at APCO Worldwide

Grace StrongOver the past semester, I have had the unique privilege to work at a women-led global communication consultancy firm. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.

Working in the Office of the Executive Chairman, I have had the opportunity to touch many projects and to expand my skill set into practice areas I would not of had exposure to anywhere else. One of my favorite parts of this position would be working for Ambassador Roemer, the former Ambassador to India. Through this, I have gained extensive knowledge and insight into India, and that is something I would not have learned in my academic course of study.

Though this intern program, another amazing aspect to it would be its strong emphasis on women’s empowerment. As a young woman in the workforce, it is refreshing and enlightening to see the inner-workings of an organization that truly supports me and its female employees. Furthermore, APCO actively promotes women’s advancement initiatives in many different countries and has provided interns with an empowering path to success. As someone who is extremely passionate about women in the workforce, I have truly learned from the leadership at this company the value women add to companies, clients and the workforce.

The intern program itself is one that can only be described as supportive. Through weekly check-ins with intern coordinators, team meetings and scheduled lunch & learns with top leadership executives, I have felt supported in my growth and trajectory.

Working as a Dean’s Intern truly has been the highlight of my college experience, and I cannot recommend it enough to students in SOC. Not only has my depth of knowledge expanded, but I have found and developed a professional confidence that I did not know was achievable at a college level. I am excited to continue the semester working with APCO Worldwide, and am beyond thankful to the SOC Dean’s Internship Program for providing me with this opportunity.