Creating Commercials for NBC

By Dean’s Intern Melany Rochester at NBC4

Melany RochesterInterning at NBC4 has been an incredible opportunity. Not only have I gotten to learn about the ins and outs of local and national news, but I have also been able to create promotional and marketing content for the seventh largest TV market with a reach of about 4.9 million people. Throughout the internship, I have learned a great deal about Nielsen ratings and how to measure the success and engagement of local and national news channel. Working for the incredible and award-winning NBCUniversal brand has been a dream come true, and has opened doors for my future career.

While I do a variety of work at NBC4, one of my favorite aspects of the internship is the fact that I am just treated as another member for the Promotions and Marketing Team rather than just an intern. I have been asked to lead projects and have been able to pitch ideas for promotion and marketing strategies. One of my biggest responsibilities is managing the promotion closet and swap for NBC4 events and visitors. I have also been able to work extensively with two brands, NBC4 and Telemundo, and have been able to learn about the benefits and challenges that come with dual branding.

Some of my favorite days at NBC4 are the days I get to work on commercial or promotional shoots. Since I am in the office 3 out of 5 days a week, I have been able to serve as a Production Assistant for almost all of the major shoots that have happened during the past four months at NBC4 and Telemundo 44. In Early March, we have a really important, all-day weather promotional shoot for both commercial spots, video promotion, and photo advertisements. We start prepping for the shoot three weeks in advance and tried several different lighting techniques and test shots before the actual day. On the day of the shoot, I served as the Script Supervisor for the shoot and logged all the shots and managed the talent. It was an amazing learning opportunity, and taught me how to properly light and set-up a commercial and
promotional shoot.

I also have been able to take part in field commercial shoots all around DC. For Black History Month and for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I assisted one of the video producers in creating commercials for Donate Life, the organ donation nonprofit in D.C. We traveled downtown to film in front of the monuments and even got to film during the Cherry Blossom Festival. With Telemundo, I was able to follow two producers to Silver Spring to serve as a Production Assistant for a commercial shoot with an attorney.

This internship has been an amazing experience and I have been able to learn so much about the news industry, television ratings, and the importance of good promotion and marketing. Being able to work at an amazing company like NBC has been the job of a lifetime, and I am so glad have gotten this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what comes next!