From My Home To Yours

By Dean’s Intern Katie Kolczun at Smithsonian Associates

Katie KolczunThis semester I’m working as the Social Media Intern for the Smithsonian Associates. It has been such an incredible experience to engage with a large audience and to be a part of such a fantastic institution. It has also been interesting to work for the Smithsonian Associates during their switch to virtual programming. It’s been really incredible to see this shift, as not only do we get to engage with the D.C. community, but now the programming is easily accessible nationally and even globally which has created a much larger audience. I have always been a big advocate for education and the arts, so it’s fantastic to be helping bring a bit of creativity and learning straight into the homes of people who may have never had the opportunity to visit D.C.

My day primarily consists of drafting posts for social media and posting event listings. I also do research about programs and upcoming guests, finding other complimenting works that might be appealing to audiences. I have some prior experience in public relations working with social media, but it’s always a fun challenge to adapt and gain an understanding of a company’s public voice.

Although my internship has been remote, I still have been able to connect and reach out to other colleagues to learn about their experience and ask their advice. I have really been able to dive deeper in learning about public relations and marketing, but I have also gotten to learn about other fields of interest and make new connections which has been extremely helpful in furthering my professional development.

To see what I help work on throughout the semester follow the Smithsonian Associates on Twitter (@SmithsonianSA), Facebook and Instagram  (@smithsonianassociates).