The World of Digital Political Communication During a Virtual Election Season

By Dean’s Intern Lizzy Tarallo at EMILY’s List

Lizzy TaralloEvery day is a new adventure during my internship with EMILY’s List. As someone who is so passionate about electing Democratic women up and down the ticket, I feel honored to be working with the nation’s largest resource for women in politics during this crucial election year.

Our main goals for this election are to elect women who will flip the Senate, elect women to the House who will maintain the Democratic majority, and to have the first-ever woman vice president, Sen. Kamala Harris, elected to office. As a Digital Intern, my days at EMILY’s List are packed with drafting social media content for an audience of over 130,000 Instagram followers and 170,000 Twitter followers. I also draft and help send out text messages for our robust texting program, which helps us to fundraise and engage with our members. I am also part of the Results Team. This means I will be working all day on Election Day and the week after to help send texts to thousands of subscribers who want to hear results about the local, state, and federal elections they care about.

Even though everything is virtual due to the coronavirus, I am still able to attend Q&A sessions and trainings with EMILY’s List staff members. I was able to ask a question to the president of EMILY’s List, Stephanie Schriock, and she gave me some great advice for my future. I have also learned a lot about political campaigns and how large political action committees operate.

I have loved every moment of my internship so far. It’s so rewarding to spend time drafting content and know that so many people are going to see it. I’m definitely getting a lot of preparation for a career in digital political communications. I can’t wait to see all of our hard work pay off when women across the country win their races!