Honing News Instincts at Voice of America

By Dean’s Intern Hannah Shows at Voice of America

Hannah Shows I applied for the Voice of America (VOA) internship without knowing I would be summarizing the top news stories from around the globe while sipping my favorite morning beverages and watching the sunrise through my home window every morning.

Clocking in by 7:30 am, I scour incoming video feeds from various news outlets and summarize headlines to include in my final reporting package: a sixty second video newsreel recapping the top stories in different regions of the world (sometimes, the whole world). By 11 am I have the newsreel published on social media and shared with VOA’s partners. Then, I wash, rinse and repeat every Monday and Friday.

Working for VOA, I’ve strengthened my news instinct and gained confidence in my ability to work quickly and accurately. The internship has taught me to pay attention to detail (those important, if pesky, broadcast permissions and news credits must be accounted for!) while keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Within my first two weeks at VOA, I recapped the first presidential debate and subsequent town halls. I learned to summarize, with balance and clarity, these key campaign events — a skill useful to any hopeful politics reporter.

To be best prepared for this internship, I keep a healthy schedule (getting a full eight hours of sleep) and implement an early morning routine. My internship with VOA structures my mornings as a springboard for a productive and fulfilling day. I am grateful for this opportunity during the coronavirus pandemic.

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