Full Speed Ahead at Strauss Media Strategies

By Dean’s Intern Evan Lenneville-Hutchinson at Strauss Media Strategies

Evan Working From HomeMy time at Strauss Media Strategies has been a whirlwind. Every week I have learned new industry terminology, worked on several different projects and met a new member of the team. I have worked with large agency clients, with all of the benefits of a boutique firm.
For my most recent projects, I have been involved in strategizing a new social media plan for the agency. I am working with my fellow interns to develop posting schedules and drive traffic to our different social channels. Additionally, I have been developing final reports, cutting audio, and conducting media monitoring for many of our recent campaigns.
Despite us being fully remote, my coordinators have been hard at work to make sure we are still connected. Just this last week we had a fun meeting where we learned about pitching and how to book interviews, and all the interns got to take some time to get to know each other.
I have been enjoying my time at Strauss Media Strategies so far, and have enjoyed the variety of work I have been involved in. The experience I am gaining here is quite valuable, and the connections I am developing are even more so.