Creating Videos and Adhering to Deadlines at VOA

By Dean’s Intern Jessily Crispyn at Voice of America

Jessily CrispynInterning at Voice of America’s Media Lab this semester has been such a rewarding and insightful experience. At the VOA60 Media Lab, my day starts at 8:00 a.m., when I am assigned which section I have to create a video for that day by my supervisor. After receiving my task, I scour VOA’s media sources to locate five news events from around the world that pertain to my section. I then create headlines for each story, send them to be edited and begin creating a 60-second video.

Once my headlines are edited, I input them into my video, finish editing and then export my product into an online server. Afterward, I upload the original version to VOA60’s social media pages. The videos have to be uploaded by a strict deadline, which means that I have to ensure that my product is error-free and submitted on time.

I am currently interning from home, which is an interesting experience. I live with three other AU students, so the WiFi in our apartment sometimes becomes unstable. This requires me to quickly move from room to room in search of enough stable WiFi so that I can upload my files by my deadline—which my roommates have informed me looks very silly.

I really appreciate this internship because I can hone my video editing and writing skills, while also learning how to work under a tight deadline. These are helpful tools that will assist me in my future career as a broadcast journalist.

Here are a few videos that I created: