Becoming Comfortable with the Unknowns: Learning the Ins and Outs of Political Reporting

By Dean’s Intern Kaela Roeder at The Durango Herald

Kaela RoederThe main lesson I have learned while interning at The Durango Herald this summer is that each day is more unpredictable than the last when working as a journalist. A lawmaker can post a scandalous tweet or scuffles can happen on the Senate floor — nothing is off the table.

A typical week for me at The Herald begins with reviewing the congressional schedule and noting any meetings related to Southwest Colorado and its leaders. I’ve been following Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper and Rep. Lauren Boebert in their policymaking and had the opportunity to interview them on a variety of topics including wildfires prevention and the infrastructure bill. Day-to-day, I’ll speak with local organization leaders in Colorado and review upcoming relevant bills.

Visiting the newsroom in Durango has been a highlight. Working with colleagues and brainstorming in person after many months of isolation reignited my passion for journalism.

Navigating Congressional halls this summer has been a learning curve, but I have learned many skills I will take with me in my career. My American University degree has helped me in the adjustment, as well. I am incredibly grateful to have studied journalism in the nation’s capital.

While interning, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a freelance journalist for the paper to produce additional content, as well. In July, I covered the long-awaited Redwine murder trial where a father was convicted of murdering his son in 2012.

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