On the Front Lines of Breaking News at Fox

By Dean’s Intern Adriana Doria at Fox News

Adriana DoriaMy time at FOX News Media has been such an incredible experience! As a Virtual College Associate for FOX News Media, I have been able to participate, first-hand, in the fast-paced nature of the news industry.  Throughout the program, I reviewed a variety of daily news stories from multiple mediums and presented them to my team.  In addition, I was tasked with providing potential guest ideas to the booking team of this opinion-based show on a daily basis.  These responsibilities challenged me to personalize my guest recommendations based on the current news headlines and provide unique perspectives for further exploration.  The skills I further developed throughout this associate program have transferred seamlessly to scriptwriting, research, and understanding of broadcast media.

In addition to these skills, I attended a variety of professional development master classes ranging from resume building, maintaining authenticity in the workplace, interviewing, and a variety of other department specific lectures.

While my time at this summer program is nearing its completion, I look forward to continuing learning more skills about the news industry.  I am honored to have been part of the Virtual College Associate Program for FOX News Media.  It has further solidified my future career plans of becoming a national news broadcast journalist.