Documenting The Important Stories of Our Time

By Dean’s Intern Katy Grossman at Voice of America

Katy GrossmanWe’re in production now at Voice of America on a documentary about a group of Afghan refugees who have resettled in Portugal. The journey has been incredible – they got out of Kabul with help from a huge community of people around the world, spent several weeks in Qatar as a transition point, and then flew to Portugal. We managed to get videographers to capture footage of them in all three cities – yes, even in the safehouse they were using in Kabul!  The moment we saw the plane land in Lisbon, we knew we had captured something incredible.

Even though I’m just an intern, I have helped structure the film, draft the script, write interview questions, and create a shot list. It’s been an amazing experience to be involved in a project like this from the initial brainstorming process all the way to the edit.