Starting With Startups at 1776 

By Dean’s Intern Claire Shriver at 1776


Claire at 1776.

Before joining the 1776 team I knew little to nothing about what a day in their office was like. I first got an email from one of the internship coordinators in the School of Communication office while I was aboard in Rome about the company. After a few more email exchanges and an interview later, I was given the opportunity to be a Media and PR Intern, as well as a SOC Dean’s Intern.

An incubator and accelerator for startups, 1776 is unlike any office I have worked on before. There truly is no “typical day” or routine on campus, the term used for the office space on the 12th floor of 1133 15th Street. The only consistency is that on a daily basis there are government officials, businessmen and women, and just about everyone else who cares about the DC startup scene that tour the space.

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