Current Internship Illuminates the World of Public Broadcasting 

Graham Vyse Action Shot

Below is a first-person account from Dean’s Intern Graham Vyse on his internship at Current.

Whenever I think about my childhood, especially the earliest parts I can remember, I wind up thinking about public broadcasting. Like many Millennials, I spent formative years learning science from Bill Nye, taking field trips with Ms. Frizzle, and wondering the whereabouts of Carmen Sandiego. I can still hum the theme to Sesame Street, and I still get sentimental thinking about Fred Rogers, the best neighbor any child could ask for. I haven’t forgotten that PBS and NPR helped inspire me to pursue a career in journalism, and that’s one of many reasons I’m proud to be a summer 2013 Dean’s Intern at Current, the trade publication for people in public media. (More …)