Interning at the Newseum 

Katie at Newseum

By Dean’s Intern Katie Parody at Newseum

When people think of the Newseum the first thing that probably pops into their heads are the exhibits. This amazing, interacitve museum covers everything from the history of media to how news stories are made today (and you even get the chance to do a report yourself!) With beathtaking exhibits including a 4D theater, parts of the Berlin Wall, and a peice of the antenna to the World Trade Center,  I can see why these are the things that come to mind. But you know what’s also really cool? The magic that happens behind those doors that say “Staff Only”, the stuff that goes on so that you have this wonderful place to enjoy. That’s where I go when I swipe my staff ID three times a week, and I am so lucky to be a part of it! (More …)