Don’t be Intimidated, Apply for Internships! 

Lindsay calling candidates at WAMU

By Dean’s Intern Lindsay Maizland at WAMU

After making tee times and driving carts at a golf course over the summer, I entered this semester ready to gain job experience directly related to my journalism major. I applied for a few internships and now work as the digital media intern at WAMU 88.5, NPR’s affiliate radio station in Washington, D.C.

As a sophomore in AU’s School of Communications and School of International Service with no previous internship experience, I was skeptical about being accepted for a Dean’s position. Convincing myself that I was qualified was the most difficult part of the application process. With help from a friend who works in human resources, I crafted my essays and resume to highlight my experiences and unique outlook. Yes, it is possible to relate skills learned at a summer job to a journalism internship. I hit submit and waited for a call back. (More …)