There’s Always Something to Learn 

Working on an article close to deadline is pretty stressful but good practice as a reporter!

By Dean’s Intern Teta Alim at

Last summer, I was a social media and web intern for a personal stylist and wrote music reviews for an indie music site. I knew I wanted to continue getting writing experience during my fall semester. I just didn’t know where. Thankfully, applying for a Dean’s Internship helped me orient my goals into doing something more journalistic.

When I started my internship at Current, I had little knowledge about the world of public media beyond going onto the NPR website to stream albums early. Current reports solely on news in public media and coming from a background of music journalism and social media, I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for the job. It didn’t matter because as long as I showed dedication and interest in my position, I was confident I’d be able to catch up. (More …)