Meeting Challenges with Improvisation 

William at WAMU

By Dean’s Intern William Reid at WAMU

After a summer spent working, volunteering and riding the bus back and forth to New York to intern at Democracy Now!, it would have made sense to take a break. Instead, I casually sent in an application to intern with WAMU 88.5. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to interview and now here I am. I’ve been interning with WAMU for about a month now as their video and photo intern.

One of my first assignments was to shoot a video of famed violinist Joshua Bell while he performed at Union Station. I loaded up WAMU’s gear, and made my way there. Upon arriving, I was disappointed to find that all of the good camera set-up locations appeared to be already taken. Even worse, there was such a tremendous early crowd, that it seemed as though there would be no way for me to get the footage I needed. Without hesitation, I began looking for a solution. (More …)