First Project at WAMU 88.5

Dean’s Intern Yi Chen at WAMU 88.5


(Photo credit: Andrew Katz-Moses)

My first project as SOC Dean’s Intern at WAMU 88.5 was to create a web video for its weekly magazine show Metro Connection.  The radio story produced by Metro Connection’s managing producer Tara Boyle is about the closing of Blob’s Park in Jessup, Md.  After working with Boyle on the project, I became interested in learning more about radio reporting.  I listen to Metro Connection regularly and have met the show’s host Rebecca Sheir last year when she did a story on my MFA thesis documentary about D.C.’s Chinatown.

I was really impressed by how Boyle and Sheir reported and produced the stories.  The Dean’s Internship is really a unique opportunity and a dream come true for me to work alongside some of the nation’s best public radio producers and reporters as well as digital producers.

I asked Boyle if I could interview her to gain some insights into her work and here is the audio recordings of our conversation on February 11, 2014.



Q & A with Tara Boyle, managing producer for WAMU 88.5 News


Q: How does Metro Connection find stories?

“Our stories come to us through a very serendipitous process.”


Q: What are some important elements in radio storytelling?

A lot of radio storytelling is about bringing listeners into the scene by using sound and music.


Q: What advice do you have for today’s journalism students?  

“I think it’s smart for journalism students today, no matter what they want to do, to have a broad range of skills.”


VIDEO: Blob’s Park Closing After Nearly 80 Years