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Dean’s Intern – Mary Bowerman at USA TODAY

Dean’s Intern Mary Bowerman at USA Today

I was ecstatic when I received my internship offer at USA TODAY with the health, science, and environmental team. I have always been interested in environmental and health issues and at one point told a professor I’d saw off my arm  to get this internship.

I have been at USA TODAY since January and I can honestly say I have never had such a great internship. They have completely thrown me in to the process and allowed me to pitch stories and most importantly write them. I think the best internship you can have is something hands on and USA TODAY completely encompasses that. One of the most interesting parts is the wide range of topics that the health team covers. From writing stories on new drug studies to chemicals in children’s toys every day that I am here I learn something new. One of the best parts about being a reporter, especially on the health team, is that every day you sort of become an expert on something you may have walked in knowing absolutely nothing about.

All of the reporters I work with have beats and are already pretty much experts in their areas – whether that is diet and fitness or environment. Everyone on my team has been so helpful and really treated me like a peer and not just an “intern”.

I did not apply to become a Dean’s Intern, but was offered the title after interning for a month. I think the Dean’s Internship is even more valuable because students can apply to internships outside of the officially designated Dean’s Internships and have the opportunity to earn that title by distinguishing themselves.