On the Move at Vox

blackmanvoxBy Dean’s Intern Shana Blackman at Vox

Interning at Vox Media this semester has been nothing short of fascinating. As the media umbrella for eight influential, online brands, there is never a dull moment at the Vox headquarters, which are arguably split between D.C. and New York. As the Internal Communications intern, days at Vox are spent working with the People and Culture, or Human Resources Department.

This semester, the People and Culture team was tasked with communicating a new office move- Vox Media’s New York office is relocating to NYC’s Financial District. The move called for strategic planning; there needed to be a set communication plan to ensure each target audience received the necessary information.

As the intern, my role was to help research office move communication methods, craft internal presentations, and brainstorm messaging. Ultimately, there were three goals for this project: inform the entire company of the move, maintain transparency with the employees based out of New York, and help employees successfully prepare and transition.

Being a part of this communication process and watching the plan unfold was an incredible learning opportunity. It was really interesting to see how a company expanding as quickly as Vox Media is handling their growth.

Although this was only one of the projects I worked on at Vox Media this semester, it was one of the most influential ones. We were faced with the challenge of communicating a drastic move internally, and we achieved it through strategic planning.