Show Business and Advertisers 

By Dean’s Intern Lauren Neville at National Geographic

Working in the National Geographic Channel Ad/Sales department makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the industry. I work for the Ad Sales Creative and Cause Marketing department. Partnering with others in editing rooms, writing scripts, and looking at footage to find the perfect scene for a promo are only some of the exciting things I do here.


National Geographic Channel Intern, Lauren Neville watches her show promotion for Access 360 : Everglades and Panasonic.

My internship began on the first day with a huge meeting with what felt like everyone in the Marketing team that worked in some sort of media production. I was able to sit at a long table and listen as teams within the department shared the promos they had made for shows like Wicked Tuna or the poster designs they came up with for Big Cat Week. I absolutely loved the team interaction and how everyone contributed their thoughts on the pieces.

Following that, I was lucky enough to be able to join my supervisors as a production company called 2 C Media pitched their company to us. The creative director brought us huge cupcakes and showed us clips of the types of promos and shows they had filmed and done the graphics for. He had a fun personality and talked about the work he had just done with J. Lo and Shack. I certainly felt integrated in the world of show business as he stood there talking about the sets they work on and ultimately why we should choose his company to work with. At the end, my supervisor told him that I was the new intern. The creative director looked at me and said, “Intern? This is the best internship you could ever have!” I knew he was right. (More …)