Press Releases & Even More Puppies at Animal Planet 

By Dean’s Intern Hannah Sedgwick at Animal Planet

My internship with the communications team at Animal Planet has absolutely exceeded my expectations. And yes, the puppies might have something to do with it.

Hanging out at Animal Planet's puppy cam pool party with two of my new best friends.

Hanging out at Animal Planet’s puppy cam pool party with two of my new best friends.

I spend the bulk of my time typing away at press releases, media lists, pitches and episode descriptions for upcoming Animal Planet shows. It’s been such an incredible experience to see what happens behind the scenes at one of the coolest networks around. I’ve had  real, substantial experiences that with undoubtedly be a huge help when I start my MA in Strategic Communication on August 31st. Like I said in my previous post, I don’t really have a background in PR but it’s a career path I would love to pursue in the future. Having these on-the-job experiences in advance of starting my formal schooling on the subject will be invaluable. (More …)