Beyond the Yellow Border 

Checking out that yellow borderBy Dean’s Intern Jana Kleemeier at National Geographic

Hi! My name is Jana Kleemeier and I’m a senior majoring in PR & Strategic Communications and minoring in Marketing. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my experiences adventuring with the National Geographic Channels.

First, let me give you a quick intro about myself. I was born in Chicago, moved from the US to Saudi Arabia when I was 6-years-old. I grew up on an American compound on the Eastern Provence of Saudi with my family. The friends I grew up with are from every continent of the world. Because Saudi is so centrally located, traveling to exotic countries (unlike the US) is not taboo. It was growing up in Saudi where I realized I wanted to end up working for a company that stood for something bigger than itself… what better place to intern for than National Geographic?

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