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    Expanding My Skill Set at APCO Worldwide 

    By Dean’s Intern Grace Strong at APCO Worldwide

    Grace StrongOver the past semester, I have had the unique privilege to work at a women-led global communication consultancy firm. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.

    Working in the Office of the Executive Chairman, I have had the opportunity to touch many projects and to expand my skill set into practice areas I would not of had exposure to anywhere else. One of my favorite parts of this position would be working for Ambassador Roemer, the former Ambassador to India. Through this, I have gained extensive knowledge and insight into India, and that is something I would not have learned in my academic course of study.

    Though this intern program, another amazing aspect to it would be its strong emphasis on women’s empowerment. As a young woman in the workforce, it is refreshing and enlightening to see the inner-workings of an organization that truly supports me and its female employees. Furthermore, APCO actively promotes women’s advancement initiatives in many different countries and has provided interns with an empowering path to success. As someone who is extremely passionate about women in the workforce, I have truly learned from the leadership at this company the value women add to companies, clients and the workforce.

    The intern program itself is one that can only be described as supportive. Through weekly check-ins with intern coordinators, team meetings and scheduled lunch & learns with top leadership executives, I have felt supported in my growth and trajectory.

    Working as a Dean’s Intern truly has been the highlight of my college experience, and I cannot recommend it enough to students in SOC. Not only has my depth of knowledge expanded, but I have found and developed a professional confidence that I did not know was achievable at a college level. I am excited to continue the semester working with APCO Worldwide, and am beyond thankful to the SOC Dean’s Internship Program for providing me with this opportunity.

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    Learning Entertainment Production At Smithsonian Channel 

    By Dean’s Intern Bryan White at Smithsonian Channel

    Bryan WhiteA productive work environment starts with a team that not only believes in your abilities, but allows you to foster your skillset through hands-on experience. The time I’ve spent with the Smithsonian Channel, a joint venture between Showtime and the Smithsonian Institute, has allowed me to further conceptualize the future of non-fiction storytelling and the scope of running a network.

    Before joining the Smithsonian Channel, I had no prior experience in entertainment production — I had spent the last four years in and out of newsrooms from NBC to The Hollywood Reporter. It has been a great challenge, as well as an accomplishment, to broaden my understanding of writing and producing in a new setting.

    Over the past four months, I’ve been able to collect collateral material and collate data as we launch our services in the United Kingdom and Latin America. The office is always buzzing with work which is indicative of our commitment to powerful storytelling and making sure our international launches go off without a hitch.

    I’ve been lucky enough to finalize rough cuts, edit scripts, and review acquisitions on a daily basis. Every day I am constantly learning from our expansive content that shines a new light on popular genres such as: air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture. I especially enjoyed working on our show Geography of Art which is airing in Brazil and featured one of my favorite artists, Icelandic treasure Ragnar Kjartansson.

    My favorite moment thus far has been attending the launch of Pandamonium: A Virtual Experience at the National Zoo. The VR video explores the tightly held relationship pandas have with the District, focusing on the birth of Bei Bei, while giving users a 360-degree view of the explorative creatures in their habitat. I was able to survey a portion of the 200+ attendees ranging in ages from 2 to 60+ and create a formal release for our partners that detailed the positive responses from the public. Currently, I am editing a video that features testimonials and additional b-roll from the one-day public trial with the hope that the experience could become a ticketed, daily affair.

    I’ve been more than fortunate to grow and learn under the Smithsonian Channel these past few months and I feel more than prepared for my next chapter.



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    Learning the Ropes of Local News Reporting 

    By Dean’s Intern Maria Carrasco at NBC4 Washington

    Maria CarrascoI love covering local news. And at NBC Washington, I get to do that everyday.

    My past year has spent covering D.C. crime, activities and curiosities, first with my fall internship
    at DCist and now with my spring internship at NBC Washington. And throughout all this time, I
    have seen the color and passion of the District, which can easily be bogged down by federal
    Washington. Everyday at NBC Washington feels exciting, like I’m writing news that matters,
    engages and impacts communities.

    In a typical day at NBC Washington, I start my day by reading all my morning newsletters –
    730DC, Washington City Paper, the Washington Post and more – for story ideas. Then, I start
    pitching ideas, which could range from short write ups, video projects and longer visual pieces.
    And while pitching can often be the toughest part of being a journalist, NBC Washington is
    teaching me rejection and how to pitch better stories.

    After my pitch is approved, my day gets going. From covering residency fraud , a Virginia
    rec-center being renamed, a tradition for a local group of runners and more, I am becoming a
    better local reporter. Day-to-day, I see NBC Washington serve a local community of viewers and

    And while I support full heartedly the journalists holding our federal government accountable,
    much is to be said about the reporters that cover the school board meetings , the deaths of local
    families and the struggling businesses of a growing gentrified city. As the Pew Research Center
    reports , 71 percent of U.S. adults think their local news media are doing well financially and 14
    percent have directly paid a local news source. So, my biggest take-away from this internship is
    to support your local news outlets and stations.

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    Glimpsing Agency Life and Finding my Passions with APCO Worldwide 

    By Dean’s Intern Angela Digiaimo at APCO Worldwide

    Angela DigiaimoOver the past two months, I have had the opportunity to work as a Client Services Intern for APCO Worldwide in New York, NY. Being a recent graduate who had to place other priorities over internships during my time at AU, I knew I needed more experience at a larger agency to better understand agency life, where my interests lie, and how I would proceed with my job search. My time at APCO has helped me do just that.

    Upon starting my internship, I was imbedded on three different clients in varying industries: one in energy, one in retail, and one in food, more specifically McCormick, the leader in flavor. In addition to working on these accounts, I also completed ad hoc projects for clients in logistics, transportation, healthcare, and education. Not unlike any other project assistant, I have learned to manage projects for multiple clients, prioritize tasks, and work toward hard deadlines.

    Everyday has brought new challenges, but some of the projects I have worked on include building media lists, conducting research for pitches, writing pitches, and daily media monitoring. Though these projects may seem like tasks one might do at any PR internship, I have learned to do them for multiple industries, each having their own specifications and intricacies. It may sound like recreating the wheel a few times over, but in actuality, it is more like building houses, same foundation but with differing architecture.

    Additionally unlike at other internships, I have attended internal meetings for my clients where I am able to see the bigger picture and where my work fits into it. Having this opportunity, I feel how much my work is valued everyday as part of larger strategies and tactics. It has also helped me better understand what role I would play at an agency in my next job.

    Interning with APCO has also provided me with the chance to work on both the corporate and consumer side of public relations, and I have had a blast doing consumer work for McCormick. I have worked with the pitch team on writing various spice and flavor trend pitches, helped plan a production day, and aided in building brand relationships with influencers. These projects have allowed me to be creative and gain experience in areas I had not touched before.

    Even though I have found that I enjoy the consumer side more than corporate, I have gained an appreciation for corporate communications. From being the first person to flag an article that could potentially be an issue to seeing corporate social responsibility break through the news cycle to helping clients keep up with their industry through preparing daily clip reporters, I see how important that work continues to be.

    Through all of these projects, my internship at APCO Worldwide has given me a glimpse of what agency life can be like and helped me solidify my desire to work at one in the future. I have been able to hone my skills with a wide variety of work for a diverse set of clients, so I know I am well on my way.

    My advice to any PR student unsure of which direction to go in, apply for an internship at any of APCO Worldwide’s offices, and you’ll encounter mentors and experiences that will aid you in strengthening your skills and finding your passions.

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    Taking Flight at NASA 

    By Dean’s Intern Abbey Michaels at NASA

    Abbey MichaelsAs intern to the International Space Station’s Media Lab, I work on various multimedia projects such as creating scripts, editing videos, writing for the newsletter, and helping out on various productions. One of the coolest things about my job is that I get to work with restricted 8K footage taken directly from the space station. I also get to help film astronauts in the studio when they need to make an appearance for local media.

    My favorite part about working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is the incredible amount of opportunities available to interns. Almost every week there is either a lecture, event, or tour that interns are invited to participate in. One of the coolest things I had the opportunity to observe was astronauts training underwater in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory where a to scale mock-up of the International Space Station resides emerged inside a giant pool.

    Another aspect of my job is guest operations for launches and I will eventually have the opportunity to attend a launch later in my internship. I am also supporting the development of a documentary about the psychological effects of traveling in space. What makes interning at NASA so great is the opportunity to work on projects even outside of your assigned department. I never feel like I’ve run out of things to do or projects to help out on.

    Before applying to the internship, I felt like NASA was way out of my reach. I thought you had to have a background in STEM to be eligible. After starting my position, I realized that NASA is full of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s a great place to work no matter where your interests lie.

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    On the Job Learning at Voice of America 

    By Dean’s Intern Sarah Joyner at Voice of America

    Sarah JoynerTypically, a day at Voice of America is spent researching upcoming projects. Right now, as we are preparing to film a docu-series about press freedom in Turkey, our time has revolved around finding potential interview subjects, budgeting for the upcoming trip, and figuring out how to send footage back to the office, where my job will be to file and transcribe it.

    We are also currently in the process of filming a short about a Parkland survivor, whom I personally had the opportunity to meet and film at an event in DC. This project has less of a script than previous films so I have been able to help form the story as we film it by finding people to interview, picking out sound bytes, and helping our executive director figure out the path that this video should take.

    When a project is in the editing phase, the other interns and I get to sit in on screenings and weigh in on editing decisions. With our last project, a profile of a Parkland parent, the video went through multiple versions and changes and it was interesting to see every iteration of the video before its final version and its release.

    Overall, I love my internship and the opportunities that it has given me. I’m learning more and more about this industry and I’m excited to see where it takes me!

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    No two days are alike on the job at IMG 

    By Dean’s Intern Mary McMillan at Interface Media Group

    Mary McMillanAs a Dean’s Intern with Interface Media Group, I have had the privilege of shadowing seasoned professionals in all aspects of development, production, and post production. There are very few companies in Washington, D.C. where you can spend Monday learning from an Academy Award winning sound designer, Tuesday learning to edit professional graphics work for clients, and  Wednesday writing and producing your own video for the company. No two days at IMG have been the same. Each person has taken time to teach me about their specialty, and I look forward to coming to work in the morning. This has been one of my favorite parts about working here. Last week, I wrote and shot a promotional video for IMG using a fully equipped studio and enthusiastic IMG staff members. In the coming weeks, I will edit this video and create two more like it for a series. Yet, I would have to say the best part of my experience is seeing what a positive work environment can look like. My coworkers collaborate on a daily basis (even with me), and seem truly happy to be here. I could go on and on. In short, this has been a fantastic experience.

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    Keeping it Real at Voice of America 

    By Dean’s Intern Lizzie Decker at Voice of America

    DeckerPhoto1One of the funniest moments I have had while interning at Voice of America was sitting in on an interview with gun advocate Michael Hammond. At Voice of America, we were producing a documentary series about the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida shooting and we needed a pro-gun voice. We found Michael Hammond, who was a leader of the Gun Owners of America organization, pretty much the second tier gun advocacy group to the NRA. The interview started off strange to say the least. Before we start an interview, we also ask the subject to state and spell his or her name so we can be sure their name is correct when we transcribe the interview. He refused to give his name and his reasoning was that Borat always asks his subjects for their name and he didn’t want to end up on Borat. My boss, Beth Mendelson, says in all of her years of filmmaking, she had never had any object to stating their name for the camera, let alone be paranoid they were going to end up in a Sacha Baron Cohen piece. The rest of the interview was equally as odd, but it was definitely the weirdest, most off putting way to start off an interview. By far, one of the funniest moments I’ve had so far during this internship.

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    Telling the Stories of Public Media at Current 

    By Dean’s Intern Savanna Strott at Current

    Savanna StrottI have been the editorial intern at Current for almost 3 months now. Current is a national trade publication for people working in public media. When I get a new assignment or I pitch a new story to my editors, I have to think about what the people in public media would want to know about this topic. This has been challenging but has taught me to think critically about my audience, which will carry over to any publication I work for.

    My favorite thing about working at Current is the responsibility I have in creating my own schedule. The only daily task is the morning huddle where the team updates each other on where our stories are at and what we plan to do that day. After that, it’s up to me to schedule what I need to do. Sometimes it’s interviewing, sometimes it’s researching my topic, sometimes it’s writing my story, and sometimes it’s looking through and applying edits. I have to be self-motivated and decide what I need to do for my stories.

    Throughout this experience, my editors have given me great direction and feedback that has improved my reporting and writing. I can already see a big difference in my first story to now. I’ve written about an upcoming environmental radio show in Indiana, a campaign to increase public-affairs programming in Massachusetts, and a project that seeks to document the history of my hometown of Las Vegas. I’m currently working on several projects, and I’m excited to continue telling the stories of public media for the rest of the semester.



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    Combining Two Passions at the Smithsonian 

    By Dean’s Intern Grace Goulding at the Smithsonian Office of International Relations

    Grace Goulding This semester, I have had the pleasure of interning at the Smithsonian Office of International Relations. This internship is a perfect combination of my two passions – communications and international studies.

    I start each day on the National Mall, where after taking my daily photo of the Washington Monument, I descend a Hogwarts-like winding staircase down to the basement of the Smithsonian Institution, under the Smithsonian Castle.

    On the job, I support OIR in its day-to-day communications work, including projects such as assisting with general communications strategy, analytics, global Web content updates and social media activities. Working in this office has opened my eyes to the global scope of the Smithsonian Institution, and furthered my passion for international projects and development.

    Some of the highlights of this internship have been eating lunch in the gardens, exploring the depths of the Smithsonian, attending Smithsonian events across a variety of museums and research units, and working in an office with such inspiring globally-minded individuals. I am extremely grateful for this internship opportunity and I’m eager to use the skills and insights that I gained at the Smithsonian in the future!

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