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    A Learning Experience Like No Other 

    By Dean’s Intern Emma Galasso at CBS News

    Emma GalassoI’m currently interning at CBS News in the CBSN department. CBSN is the 24-hour news streaming service for CBS News. It’s just me and my two supervisors here in the DC Bureau that make up our team–the rest of our operation is based in New York.

    Day to day, I work to book guests for politics update segments for the 1 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm blocks. I also book their cars, greet them when they get here, and coordinate with producers on topics and questions.

    Now, I’ve known for a long time that I don’t necessarily want my work to be just politics in the journalism field, however learning the process of booking for news commentary has been extremely valuable.

    My favorite part of working at the DC Bureau are the days when our team gets to film “The Takeout with Major Garrett,” a podcast started by the CBS News Chief White House Correspondent that brings change makers into conversation at a local DC restaurant.

    I typically run the camera work for these podcasts, then edit SOTs and log the show when I get back to the bureau. I also help build out the rundown for the show and search for SOTs to use within the show itself. My most memorable shoot? It was my second day at work, and Neil deGrasse Tyson joined us at Tupelo Honey in Arlington.

    I also had the opportunity to work one day out of the Broadcast Center in New York City, CBS’s main hub for all things on the network. In my day to day job, I work with a lot of people out of the NY office, so putting names to faces was very enjoyable. Seeing the sets of CBSN, CBS This Morning, etc. was a rush of fresh energy.

    CBSN has been incredibly exciting and covering national news has been a learning experience like no other.

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    Navigating the Exciting Landscape of Public Media 

    By Dean’s Intern Karissa Waddick at Current

    Karissa WaddickInterning at Current these last two months has been an amazing experience. When I started this internship, I knew that writing for a trade publication would be different than my previous experiences reporting on stories at AU and in D.C. However, I didn’t realize the diverse array of stories that could be told within the subject of public media. In these short few weeks at Current I interviewed a band, reported on a new documentary, and wrote about the hardships a new community radio station in California is facing. All of the stories revolve around public media but, no two are alike.

    Navigating the landscape of public media has been challenging but, is extremely exciting. Every story requires a great deal of research into industry operations. It is like learning a new beat. With the guidance of my editors, I’ve researched funding, public media grants, and the details of leasing radio tower space. Writing about these intricate issues has reminded me of the importance of diligent, thorough and accurate reporting. I’ve learned to dig deeper and ask the questions public media readers want answered. Along the way, I’ve noticed improvements in my reporting and writing skills and have gained a deep appreciation for community and public media.

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    A Winning Team at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Jaha Knight at NBC4

    Jaha KnightIf you’re looking for an internship that is as close to real job experience as possible, working for the News 4 Local team is it!!! I am constantly amazed by the opportunities I have had as an intern and most the time I don’t even feel like an intern because I’m doing so many hands-on tasks. During my time at NBC I have been out with various reporters to cover the 4,5 and 6:00 news that day, created my own reel of packages and stand -ups and even counted the polls that were shown on live TV during election night!

    At NBC you work closely with professionals like Leon Harris, Pat Collins, Doreen Gentzler and many more news professionals who are there to help you perfect you craft and give you the basic skill sets to make it as a young journalist! I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and I feel more prepared than ever to take on the world of journalism post-graduation!

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    Observing Life through the Lens of the Documentary at Voice of America 

    By Dean’s Intern Jordan Redd at Voice of America

    Jordan ReddMy experience interning in the documentary unit of Voice of America has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I watched the documentary series, After Parkland— which focuses on the aftermath of the Parkland, FL school shooting– grow and improve over time until it was officially launched (you can watch the series here.) I mainly worked on the research behind the interviewees, gun control, and voter registration statistics. I researched Denver Riggleman– the republican candidate for Virginia’s fifth congressional district, and wrote the questions our executive producer Beth Mendelson asked him in an interview. To hear him answer those questions in the documentary was a strange and

    Jordan Redd

    yet exciting experience.

    Right now, as the documentary series on Parkland has come to a close, the unit is seeking a new story to tell. Working on the team at this stage is providing me with insight into the process of developing a documentary from ground zero.

    Through my internship I had the opportunity to listen to a panel discussion on the production and distribution of documentary films at a women in film conference– Script DC. Although my intended career path is fiction filmmaking, learning about the documentary side of production and distribution from experts in the field was still useful and intriguing.

    Beth Mendelson interacts with my co-intern and I as though we are important and valued members of the team. She asks for and listens to my opinions frequently. This internship has undoubtably furthered my dedication to make my mark in the film industry.

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    Hard-hitting Documentaries at Voice of America 

    Kelsey Paul at VOABy Dean’s Intern Kelsey Paul at Voice of America

    I am a senior and have a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in literature with a concentration in cinema studies. I am completing my dean’s internship as a production assistant at Voice of America. This is my second internship at VOA. I interned at VOA once before in the media lab, creating breaking news video pieces. At my current internship, I work alongside the senior executive producer in the central news division to create hard-hitting documentaries. The most recent mini-documentary series I helped with is entitled, “After Parkland.” The three-part series explores the aftermath of a high school shooting in south Florida. The first two pieces focus on the victims’ families after the tragedy. The third piece looks at Virginia’s fifth district and how guns is causing a divide in that district and across America.

    I work to log video, transcribe interviews, conduct investigative research and help along with the post-production process. I enjoy finding a good story, conducting the right amount of research and making it presentable for VOA viewers. I have gained invaluable experience working beside professional reporters, editors and video producers. I have had the opportunity to go out on shoots and interview people. I also have learned a great deal about the editing process by shadowing a professional editor, sitting in on managerial meetings and adding my own thoughts to make changes on a story. I am looking forward to one day working full-time at VOA or at another broadcast news organization.

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    Capturing the News for The Durango Herald 

    By Dean’s Intern Emily Martin at The Durango Herald

    Emily MartinThis internship could not have been a better experience for me to start my career as a journalist. I have had experience from other organizations with reporting, writing and editing, such as my work at the Newseum, The Eagle and Artfinder – a London-based art marketplace, but I had not been in a professional newsroom yet. I applied to several internships, but I knew I wanted this one the most because of the independence and self-starter attitude it requires.

    I started off my internship by traveling to Durango, Colorado, to meet the staff, including my supervisor, see the newsroom and learn more about the area. I got to drive to a nearby town, Cortez, which has a journal owned by the same family that owns the Herald. I left Colorado with so many story ideas, and came back armed and ready to meet the press people for the Colorado Senators and representative. One of the former interns also showed me around the Capitol, which was very surreal.

    My first story was on none other than the Kavanaugh hearings. I emailed my editor asking if I could attend and pursue the story, since I had no classes that day, and he approved. I interviewed supporters and protesters outside the Dirksen Senate Office building, sat in the overflow for over 7 hours and live tweeted the entire thing. Many readers interacted with me on Twitter and seeing the effect of live coverage was enlightening as a skill I could use as a reporter. I also later wrote a story about how the fourth allegation, from a Colorado woman, was not discussed during the hearing. I did a more in-depth piece on the split between the two Senators on an FBI investigation. Being able to witness history in the making, while also reporting on it, which is something I love to do, was absolutely surreal. I even covered the subsequent protests and confirmation the following Saturday and was able to speak with several Colorado activists that had traveled to speak with the Senators.

    Since then, I have written 7 pieces for the Herald, and each one has included several interviews with public officials. I am so incredibly grateful that the Herald has given me the tools I need to succeed while also expecting me to hold my own. The freedom I have to pitch and write stories while still thoroughly communicating with my editors has allowed me to take charge of my own stories and be a responsible reporter.

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    Interning at “Meet the Press” 

    By Dean’s Intern Riddhi Sarkar at NBC’s Meet the Press

    Riddhi SarkarNo two days on the job are the same on the set of “Meet the Press,” NBC’s flagship Sunday morning public affairs program. As an intern, my work involves finding newsworthy clips and photos for segments and collaborating with producers to compile research for the show two days a week. On Sundays, I am back before sunrise to start working on different aspects of production, ranging from taking photos for the “Meet the Press” Instagram account to helping producers in the control room.

    “Meet the Press” was the first show I watched with my family after we moved to the United States from India when I was ten. The program introduced us to American politics and hearing the voice of Tim Russert, the moderator of the show at the time, became part of our Sunday morning routine. I never imagined that a decade later, I would get to contribute directly to the show and be included in the rolling credits of the program.

    Seeing everything the team works on all week come alive on Sundays is always exciting. It feels rewarding to see research I helped put together translate into questions that the moderator, Chuck Todd, asks guests on the show.

    Getting the opportunity to work for the longest running television show in history has been more than a dream come true. I am grateful to everyone who has cheered me on in pursuing journalism, especially my family, friends and inspiring professors in SOC.

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    Moving Fast at NPR 

    By Dean’s Intern Griffin Rowell at NPR

    Griffin RowellThere is no typical day here at NPR. As someone who works with so many different teams, I am constantly moving from project to project. Recently, I’ve helped launch a new podcast of ours, Believed, that made its way to the top of the ITunes podcast charts. I worked on the press release, communications plan, social plan, and I helped land the hosts interviews in several outlets, including ESPN. I manage and run NPR Extra social (our corporate blog), that has a total reach of over a million followers. I also booked a tour with MLB All Star Sean Doolittle, a big NPR fan. He stayed for two hours watching our shows tape, and spent about 15 minutes in our shop. Doing influencer outreach like that not only gives us more credibility, but it gives increased visibility when they post on social about us.

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    Expanding My Skills at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Zach Vallese at NBC4

    Zach ValleseWhen I started my internship at NBC4 Washington, I knew that it would be different than any of the other internships I have done in the past. In this internship, it was my first time working in a real newsroom with real journalists. I was really excited but also very nervous. I knew that the experiences I would be learning at NBC would be vital in my future career as a journalist. In the past, I had only worked doing multimedia journalism, creating videos and podcasts. In this experience, I would be focusing mostly on writing articles to be published on I was really excited to have this opportunity so I could build upon my writing skills and become a better journalist.

    Working at NBC4 has been an amazing experience. I love being in the newsroom with fellow journalists and being given interesting articles to write. I have had the ability to cover different things that happen around the District and I always think that it is really great seeing my name in the byline. I am looking forward to the rest of this semester where I will be going out through DC to cover different events and telling those stories which has always been my passion. I am really glad that this internship has helped me build upon my journalism skills and I’m eager to use the skills that I learned at NBC4 in the future.


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    You Never Know Who You’ll Meet 

    By Dean’s Intern Brianna Crummy at NBC4

    Brianna CrummyWorking for NBC Washington has been nothing short of thrilling, rewarding and fun! I have the
    opportunity to work alongside an incredible digital team that is so open to new ideas. Almost every day that I’m in the office I get to write a story for the web while also working on some original reporting.

    I’ve had the chance to do several Facebook Live events. One of which I got to meet Jocko Sims, an actor in the new TV series New Amsterdam. I just happened to be sitting with the social media editor when the reporter told her Sims was going to be in the studio that day. She offered me the chance to do the Facebook live which was exciting  because I love the show.

    Not only do I get to do multimedia journalism, but I’m learning some of the interworkings of broadcast too. It’s always really fun to work with the reporters to translate their work for online and for social media. This week I got to go to the courthouse to help cover a trial about the D.C. Mansion Murders and collaborate with one of the NBC4 reporters to promote her coverage online. You never know what you’ll be covering from day to day, but regardless I am always doing something new and having a great time!

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