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    Setting up a Media Village on the National Mall 

    By Dean’s Intern Sophia Myszkowski at CBS Evening News

    Sophia (left) sitting in for Charlie Rose on the National Mall in the CBS News Studio

    Sophia (left) sitting in for Charlie Rose on the National Mall in the CBS News Studio

    The second week of my internship the 45th President of the United States was inaugurated. The Evening News, CBS This Morning and CBSN (CBS News’ online streaming service), all normally broadcasted from New York, would set up shop throughout DC for the week leading up to Saturday. After a whirlwind first week at the Evening News I agreed to help out as a ‘runner’ for CBSN’ live broadcasts out of the media village on the National Mall.

    Throughout the week I assisted producers in preparing the studio for anchors and guests. The most surreal experience I had that week was on Friday as producers

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    Programming, Publicity and Puppies 

    Carson Creehan working the Puppy Bowl

    Carson Creehan working the Puppy Bowl Celebration

    By Dean’s Intern Carson Creehan at Discovery Communications

    Every day at Discovery Communications these last few weeks has been different, but all have been fascinating!

    As a communications intern on the Discovery Networks International team, I’ve had the opportunity to see how shows from Discovery’s multiple channels are promoted around the world. I’ve sat in on calls with the Discovery teams from all over the globe where we watched sneak-peeks of new shows and decided if they would be well received in each respective region.

    I’ve gotten to assist with press kits for a variety of shows. This includes editing the content, as well as brainstorming new ideas for the kits. It’s fun to flex my creative muscles and think about the best way to promote different types of programming.

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    On the Move at Vox 

    blackmanvoxBy Dean’s Intern Shana Blackman at Vox

    Interning at Vox Media this semester has been nothing short of fascinating. As the media umbrella for eight influential, online brands, there is never a dull moment at the Vox headquarters, which are arguably split between D.C. and New York. As the Internal Communications intern, days at Vox are spent working with the People and Culture, or Human Resources Department.

    This semester, the People and Culture team was tasked with communicating a new office move- Vox Media’s New York office is relocating to NYC’s Financial District. The move called for strategic planning; there needed to be a set communication plan to ensure each target audience received the necessary information.

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    Focused on a Virtual World at the Newseum 

    elizabethwilkinsatnewseumBy Dean’s Intern Elizabeth Wilkins at the Newseum

    Interning as a Production Assistant at the Newseum this semester has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience. The Newseum’s mission statement “to promote, explain and defend free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition,” has proven to be especially important during the recent election season and will remain essential during the incoming presidency. Being able to blend that constitutional concept with my interest in filmmaking has allowed me to further explore how media can educate and empower an audience.

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    Shining under the Vox Media Umbrella 

    rkayeenatvoxBy Dean’s Intern Kayeen Thomas at Vox

    Working at Vox for the fall semester has been great!  As someone who followed and read articles posted by the reporters, I was very excited to have the opportunity to work within the offices.  I’ve interacted with VPs of the different brands that are under the Vox Media umbrella, and have helped with strategic planning around a major move that the company is making.  It has really been an amazing experience!

     One specific task that will stick with me was helping to develop new copy for the Vox Media diversity and inclusion page.  On my second day interning, I participated in a meeting where the diversity and inclusion page was brought up.  I volunteered my opinion of it needing a brief video component, and my VP liked the idea.  She teamed me up with one of the New York employees, and together we both wrote new content for the webpage and developed a script for the production team so they could begin work on the video.  It feels great being able to look at the Diversity and Inclusion page and feel like I contributed to the company.  I’m sure when the video component goes live, I’ll be even more excited! (More …)

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    Doing Rewarding Work at 

    sarawiseatcurrentBy Dean’s Intern Sara Wise at

    As far as internships go, Current has been a great jumping off point.

    After my time as Sports Editor at a small daily in Tennessee, my portfolio was mostly filled with soft feature stories and (you guessed it) sports.

    But from my first feature about a Salt Lake City PBS station’s local programming focused on teen suicide to a recent piece on children of undocumented immigrant, I’ve reported on much more than just public media.

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    Here’s A Lesson On Never Getting Too Comfortable 

    By Djacquieleeatusatean’s Intern Jacquie Lee at USA TODAY

    Of all the internships I’ve ever had, only this one has given me the opportunity to learn how to create graphics. Typically, I work only with words as a reporting or editorial intern. With this internship I’ve had the opportunity to sharpen my Adobe Illustrator skills. I first learned the program in my Digital Skills class, but as the saying goes, “use it or lose it.” I’m glad I had the opportunity to use it before I lost it.

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    Hot on the Heels of the News 

    Alejandro (far left) Photo by Jerry McBride/Durango Herald

    Alejandro (far left) Photo by Jerry McBride/Durango Herald

    By Dean’s Intern Alejandro Alvarez at The Durango Herald

    It might’ve been the woman trying her best to stuff a fishing rod into the overhead compartment, or the guy sitting next to me intent on wearing his cowboy hat for the whole journey. It was safe to say I knew I was on the right flight to Durango, Colorado.

    When I graduated from American University last May, I knew the road ahead wouldn’t be easy. I knew I was heading into a profession which proved evermore hostile towards newcomers, full of naysayers (some of them veteran reporters) who spewed negativity about how the field was “dead,” or at best in its death throes, and that anybody who didn’t take a tangent into a more profitable career in public relations or consulting was insane.

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    Election Day and Night at NBC4 


    (Left to right) Megan Yoder, Chelsea Cirruzzo, Yan Shi – Election day with the Dean’s Interns!

    By Dean’s Intern Yan Shi at NBC4

    Through all of my internship experiences, the election has always been at the forefront. At the Newseum, I cut and edited videos from late night shows that often took inspiration from the debates during the nominations. At USA TODAY, I focused on Donald Trump and Clinton, the two nominees, when building interactives. Finally, at NBC4, I watched and updated numbers of votes rolling in the DMV area.

    Everything came full circle on November 8th, in more ways than one.

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    Designing and Thriving at USA TODAY 

    isabellalucyatusatBy Dean’s Intern Isabella Lucy at USA TODAY

    This internship has been an incredible opportunity for me to grow as a journalist and an artist. Artists are oftentimes told the work they do doesn’t matter, but working on the Interactive News team has shown me how artists, designers and creative minds function in a newsroom and how their contributions are essential to digital storytelling. In a typical day, I work on illustrations, data comparisons and small graphics that show quick facts and statistics called “snapshots” that appear on the front page. One of my ongoing projects includes a series of graphics about the eight counties that will define the election this year. I’ve learned a lot of pro tips and hacks from my coworkers and can say with confidence that my Illustrator game has upped 100%.

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