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    Diving in Deep at Interface Media Group 

    By Dean’s Intern Ari Beser at Interface Media Group

    Ari BeserHow are you supposed to write about an internship you’ve had to sign multiple non-disclosure agreements to accept? The answer is, carefully. Interface Media Group, or IMG for short, is a commercial production company. We produce everything from advertisements for TV, radio, and the web, as well as interactive displays and exhibits for live experiences and museums.

    IMG doesn’t pick sides, and works on political spots on both sides of the aisle with their in-house studio. They also edit and review content for air with clients like National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel, and PBS. A team here recently completed all of the promotion material for Ken Burns’ PBS documentary series The Vietnam War, including a documentary within the documentary, revealing the behind the scenes of the iconic director’s team’s process.

    I was hired for the summer to shadow Jordana Well, Creative Director of Experience Design. Jordana has a finger in pretty much every department here at IMG, and now, so do I. Jordana’s primary role is to create media experiences, which can sometimes include videos– like the one at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, for example.

    In my short time here at IMG, Jordana has thrown me “in the deep end,” as she likes to say. My first day I was informed I would produce an entire video for a client, and I saw it through to the very end, sitting in with the editors and audio technicians to make sure the look and the feel of the video stayed consistent with Jordana’s and my vision. At the same time, I began research and started to conceptualize a game that will be used in a new museum exhibit. Because Jordana’s projects often overlap, I was also asked to associate-produce (AP) a shoot for a national commercial for a medical association, and sat through the entire process of editing, audio design and mixing, and color correcting.

    IMG promised me an atypical internship experience and they have delivered. I do not retrieve coffee or print papers for executives, though I did once order the catering for the entire cast and crew of our commercial shoot. My first day, Jordana remarked that she wanted me on real projects to do real work,  “you are so much more than an intern,” she assured me, “you can handle this.”  Her faith in my ability to accept challenges and take on real projects has been the most rewarding part of the job.

    My NDA is binding about works in progress. However, once we the video is published, we are free to talk about it. To see what I’ve been working on watch the video I helped create for the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

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    Summer 2018 at the Newseum 

    By Dean’s Intern Tessa Ann Stewart at the Newseum

    Tessa Ann StewartWithin my first few weeks at the Newseum this summer, I helped write and produce my very first exhibit! On the third floor railing, there is a 13-panel exhibit showcasing the works of the Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoon winner. I was given the opportunity to update the exhibit for the 2018 winners, Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan. Their winning piece, “Welcome to the New World,” details the true experiences of a Syrian refugee family as they enter America on Election Day 2016 and adjust to their new lives. This heartbreaking but hopeful story is a captivating read. But it is even more compelling after researching and writing about how the comic series came to life.

    I worked with my bosses, Christy and Patty, to learn the Newseum’s style for exhibit writing and helped to craft the storytelling of this panel. I am so grateful to learn hands-on how to engage with material and create something that is intriguing and educating. The panel went up the week before SCOTUS ruled in favor of Trump’s travel ban, which adds new meaning and urgency to this exhibit. Amidst this project, I have been researching, fact-checking, and copy editing for the upcoming, “Rise Up: Stonewall and the Gay Rights Movement” exhibit opening next year. Through this experience, I have discovered a passion and appreciation for exhibit development as it aims to immerse visitors into a narrative structure that informs and inspires.

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    Tax News and Analysis at Bloomberg BNA 

    By Dean’s Intern Courtney Rozen at Bloomberg BNA

    Courtney RozenIt’s been an honor to serve as a Dean’s Intern at Bloomberg BNA.

    I work on the accounting team (while helping out on the tax desk). I report and write stories for Bloomberg Tax, a platform that provides news and analysis for tax professionals. I enjoy working on these teams because they’re challenging me to write both quick hits and deeply reported stories. There’s also quite a few AU alums across the company and I’ve enjoyed meeting them.

    This week, I wrote about how the new tax law is affecting nonprofits. An editor on the tax team taught me about the topic and helped me shape the story. It ran in Daily Tax Report, which is one of Bloomberg Tax’s publications.

    Another highlight has been learning from reporters and editors on the tax team. For example, my supervisor is helping me learn about the accounting beat and sharpen my writing skills. They also pair each intern with a mentor reporter. Last week, I shadowed my mentor on Capitol Hill and learned about covering Congress.

    The group of interns at BNA is also great. They are from schools across the country and none of them go to school in D.C. It’s been a great getting to know them and show them my home in the district. I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer.


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    Working the beat at NPR 

    By Dean’s Intern Alexis Arnold at NPR

    Alexis ArnoldAfter a few weeks at my internship on the NPR education desk, I’ve gotten a good feel for what it takes to work at a major news organization. The best part is the people I work with. Elissa Nadworthy and the rest of the Ed Desk team have been so helpful in teaching me everything from how to post stories to recoding tape. Even other desks in the office will let me sit in on their meetings and taping sessions. The other interns I work with are a lot of fun, as well. We have a great time both on and off the clock.

    Between making phone interviews and running the NPR Ed Facebook page I still make time to attend the Tiny Desk Concerts. Every week the Music Desk brings in an artist in to record their performance and the whole office is invited to watch! I love getting to see some of my favorites and discovering awesome new artists too!

    NPR Has been an awesome experience so far and I can’t wait to see what else I will learn. Meanwhile check out my very first byline! (Shared with the other education intern.)

    Check out my first byline:

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    Learning About the Power of Storytelling at the Newseum 

    By Dean’s Intern Taylor Moore at the Newseum

    Taylor MooreHaving a year long Dean’s Internship has certainly given me the opportunity to flourish during my grad program at American. The work I was doing for the Newseum in the First Amendment Center was primarily centered around pre and post production, but I was then able to take on my responsibility that gave me experience outside of the classroom that will definitely be essential as I prepare to enter the working world. I was able to write scripts for podcast episodes as well as pitch ideas of my own for topics, guests and ways to restructure the podcast itself to make it a better experience for the listener. The culmination of my internship experience and my work in the classroom has given me more guidance and direction on what I want to do after I graduate.

    I now have a very holistic understanding of the power of storytelling through audio journalism and my interest for this work definitely derives from my Dean’s Internship. I now have confidence in my ideas and how I strategically communicate them because of my work with the Newseum and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how far the skills that I’ve developed through this internship will take me.

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    Covering New Ground at The Washington Post 

    By Lauren Lumpkin at The Washington Post

    Lauren LumpkinWhile at The Washington Post this semester, I’ve been able to report a wide range of stories. From affordable housing to crime to a woman who drove her car into the White House, I’ve been able to bounce around the Metro section and get a feel for different parts of the newsroom.

    After a mid-semester realization that I wanted to be an education reporter, I introduced myself to the education editor at The Post. I told him that I wanted to help in any way I can.

    So, you can probably imagine how excited I was when he approached me two weeks ago and asked if I could write the teacher and principal of the year stories. Every year, The Post honors a principal and teacher in the area. The winners receive a cash prize and a feature in The Post.

    One of my interviews started at 6:00 a.m. when I drove to Stafford, Va. to meet Dan Reichard, a fifth-grade teacher who incorporates his musical theater background into his classroom. I met his students and learned about the class’ transformation days, in which Reichard decorates the classroom according to a certain theme. This semester, he transformed the classroom into the set of “Jurassic World” for a lesson on rocks and minerals.

    Paul Pack, The Post’s principal of the year, works at Liberty Elementary school in Loudoun County. He introduced me to his STEM-based approach to running a school, which includes a STEM summer camp and the only SMART technology lab in Loudoun County.

    Both stories were published on the front page of The Post’s metro section. Paul Pack tweeted a photo of some of the students at Liberty reading the stories, which made it all worth it.

    As the semester comes to an end, I’m happy with the work I’ve accomplished at The Post. It was definitely a slow start, but my editor has kept me busy with lots of assignments these past few weeks.


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    Converting to Broadcast at WAMU 88.5 

    By Dean’s Intern Kristen Griffith at WAMU

    Kristin Griffith

    Kojo In Your Community
    “No One Feels Safe”: How Gun Violence Affects Local Students
    March 20, 2018

    I entered the WAMU 88.5 newsroom internship not knowing how to work the recorder, edit audio or write for a radio listener.  I’m a journalism graduate student with an investigative specialty – I mostly knew about writing for the eye rather than the ear. But after advice and patience from my editors, I’m ending the semester with more broadcast experience than I expected.

    I underestimated the challenges a radio reporter faces. It’s like shoving a 500-word article into a minute-long audio story. My editors taught me how to choose what the listener wants to hear and how they want to hear it.

    They also taught me how to use my voice on the air. I couldn’t sound like I was reading a script – although that’s exactly what I was doing – I had to sound like I was having a casual conversation.

    What I liked most about the internship is being treated as a colleague rather than an intern. I had the same responsibilities as the other reporters – like reporting, writing and voicing before the deadline later that day.

    It’s hard work, but after I get a chance to breathe, I feel like a stronger journalist.

    I’m grateful for the opportunities WAMU gave me. I interviewed a 109-year-old who hangs out with the Harlem Globetrotters, 12-year-olds interested in STEM and Howard University students who held the longest protest in the school’s history.

    I’m sad the internship is ending but I’m excited to use my experience and new skills in the future.

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    Hustle and Bustle at NPR 

    By Dean’s Intern Erin Logan at NPR

    Erin LoganAs the daughter of a teacher, I seriously doubted that I would ever cover education. When I got the chance to intern on the NPR Ed Desk, I was more interested in working for the company over covering the beat. That quickly changed within my first few days there. From the first day, I knew that I wanted to seriously consider covering the area after graduation.

    I get to do a plethora of things as an Ed desk intern. I assist reporters on their stories, like this one which was written in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I also get to pitch, write and report stories like this one which was a peg for the March For Our Lives, the big anti-gun violence protest which occurred in D.C. in March.

    One of the many free perks at NPR is the coffee in the cafe downstairs as well as all the free books publishers send the newsroom. As an intern, I get to attend NPR’s iconic Tiny Desk music session. (I got to meet SA!) The weekly concerts are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the day.

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    New Challenges Every Day at USA TODAY 

    By Dean’s Intern Anna Lefkowitz at USA TODAY

    Anna Lefkowitz I intern in the Social Media Visuals department at USA TODAY | Gannett. Basically, that means I make graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – and I also head the @USATODAYHealth Twitter account. (Follow me!) But the specifics of my work change daily.

    For example, this past week I animated a promo video for a podcast. It was basic AfterEffects work – mostly just animated wavelengths and transcription and cutting external video – but I loved it. There’s no greater sense of pride than leaning back after a few hours, rubbing your eyes, and watching your finished product and knowing it’s the best it can be. It was the same sense of pride I got when I wrote, designed, and animated a full-length Olympics-themed Instagram story (and made my entire sorority watch it). And it’s the same sense of pride I get when I start conversations on Twitter.

    I wanted to be a journalist because I knew I didn’t want to do the same thing every day. And at USA TODAY, every single day is unique – I’m always working on a new high-visibility project, whether it is for my social editor or the graphics editor or the podcast editor. Every day, I learn something new about the programs I use. Every day, I get to use my love of graphics and video to focus on something different, and that’s what makes my internship at USA TODAY so cool.

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    Never a Dull Moment at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Sarah Cammarata at NBC4

    Sarah CammarataWhat are you working on? What can we give you to do? What’s another way to write this quote with more detail? What’s the most important questions you should ask your interviewee? These are the questions I’m asked at my internship with NBC 4. There’s never a dull moment working with the digital team at NBC Washington. I was swept up in the action during the Olympics and I learned how to cover breaking news, as something as horrific as the Parkland shooting last month. Working here three full days a week has challenged me to be a better writer, reporter, interviewer and storyteller every day.

    My experience here is different from others I’ve had in the journalism industry because the team is especially dedicated to teaching and supporting its interns. After setting out goals for the course of the internship, my co-workers help me achieve them and provide me with opportunities in tune with what I’m interested in. I’m always encouraged to bounce around ideas for a new story idea, pitch original content, and every time I leave my internship, I’ve learned something new. By the end of my time here, I will have a vast portfolio of work that I can be proud of, on a range of different topics. Some of my favorite stories I’ve written so far was about “ashes on the go” (you’ll have to read it to understand what that means) and a synchronized swim team in DC.

    I look forward to writing a story about a fellow AU student who is the CEO of a social enterprise called Arzo, which is dedicated to helping merchants in countries ravaged by political turmoil, and a story about low or no cost summer camps in D.C. that offer unique experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to thrive at my internship here and this internship has definitely prepared me for the real world before I graduate in May.


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