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    It’s YES at Studio Gannett 

    AntoinettePhotoBy Dean’s Intern Antoinette d’Addario at Studio Gannett

    As the Editorial Intern for Studio Gannett, I’m responsible for creating the second page of a weekly insert we produce called Your Essential Shopper (YES). On this page, I list 15 products in various categories in a section called Great Finds. Putting this page together requires me to be in constant contact with public relations agents for new products and photos.

    In addition to this weekly task, I help create and edit the weekly auto and job pages. I’m currently working on some assignments for the print magazines we put out. I’m creating a two-page spread of apps to feature in our Pet Guide magazine, another two-page piece on museums on the West Coast for our Go Escape: West Coast magazine and a timeline of the Army Corps of Engineers involvement with the Dakota Access Pipeline. These require me to do research on the topics and conduct interviews with qualified experts on the topics.

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    Life as a Production Intern 

    NicolettePhotoBy Dean’s Intern Nicolette Fudge at ABC7, WJLA-TV

    Day to day at a television station is exciting and full of opportunities to learn. I am currently interning for Government Matters, a news talk show about the business of government. My experiences working with the producers for the show have been challenging yet rewarding.

    When I arrive at the station, I create a document for the crew about the guests who will be on the show. There are usually 3 guests, all members of the federal community ranging from executives in the government to experts and reporters with first-hand knowledge about issues and initiatives of the federal community. Later, I greet the guests and guide them to our upstairs studio and where we start taping at 10 am. As I sit in the control room, I get to see the crew in action and have a little part in production by helping out with the social media tease that happens toward the end of the show.

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    Explaining the News at Vox 

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

    By Dean’s Intern Lindsay Maizland at Vox

    I’m not going to lie: working with’s foreign team can be pretty intimidating.

    On the morning of my second day, my editor hosted our team at his home for a meeting focused on setting this year’s goals. The conversations moved seamlessly from my editor talking about his struggles of finding dog sitters while he was reporting for months in the Middle East to the group questioning the value of realism and other big ideas that drive U.S. foreign policy.

    It didn’t take long to realize that the five journalists sitting on couches next to me were, and are, brilliant. Maybe I’m just fangirling, but they have read every relevant book, have connections with all the right experts and people in power, and have written articles that masterfully make sense of this world. I wondered, “How can I offer anything useful to this team? I haven’t read those books. I don’t have many connections. I haven’t written articles like that.”

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    Jostling the Halls in the Senate 

    Working the night shift

    Working the night shift

    By Dean’s Intern Maeve Allsup at Bloomberg/BNA

    My final semester at Bloomberg BNA has gotten off to an exciting start. While working on the general news desk, I spent several weeks reporting from Capitol Hill, starting in December with the Senate’s passage of the new budget, and more recently the committee confirmation hearings for President Trump’s cabinet nominees. I primarily worked with the desk’s senior Hill reporter Nancy Ognanovich, helping to collect quotes from senators and writing short stories and add-ins about action on the Senate floor. Depending on the time of day and the type of action happening in the chamber, I spent a lot of time in the tunnel between the Capitol and the office buildings, approaching Senators with my questions as they passed by.

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    Digital Exclusives at ABC7 

    MeganYoderPicBy Dean’s Intern Megan Yoder at ABC7

    In my role as a web team intern at ABC7, I’ve been spending a lot of time covering protests. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a journalist (or a journalist-in-training) right now. One thing that has been really exciting about my position is the freedom I have to enterprise my own stories.

    While the purpose of the web team, at most TV stations, is to promote the work on the on-air talent, I have been really excited to see the field evolving. Now, many stations are allowing digital content producers the room to produce their own original work and even go out and cover news events for digital exclusive stories.

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    Earning My Stripes 

    FrancavillaPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Alexandra Francavilla at Discovery Communications

    Around this time last year I was applying for the year-long Dean’s Internship at Discovery Communications. I applied because I thought it couldn’t hurt, and what an amazing opportunity it would be if I got it! I remember coming home after my classes in Prague and working on the application. I also remember the deadline being on my birthday, and how I took that to be a good luck sign. A few weeks later I got a response; that they had moved forward without my application. I was disappointed, but continued to apply to other internships. However, about a week after that, I got another email requesting an interview. It turns out the “rejection letter” was just a mistake. I eagerly took the interview at 7:30PM in Prague while the sun was setting. But the interview didn’t feel like a typical interview, it felt like a conversation.

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    Virtual Reality Video and a Work Environment in Flux 

    MadisonLongPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Madison Long at the Newseum

    Interning at the Newseum has certainly been a thrilling experience so far. It was also a little nerve wracking—by my second week, I received an email from the executive producer notifying that more than half of the production department had been laid off. After an uneasy week of waiting to know if I could stay or not, thankfully the interns could remain working there and I could continue pursuing this great opportunity. I sympathize with everyone who lost their jobs, and it opened my eyes to see how rough the job market can be, especially for nonprofit organizations with tight budgets. I learned from witnessing this incident that you should always have backup options prepared and keep your network open just in case something sudden and unpredictable happens in your career.

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    The Dawn of a New Presidency 

    Photo by Jacob Wallace

    Photo by Jacob Wallace

    By Dean’s Intern Shira Stein at The Durango Herald

    My first day on assignment for The Durango Herald also happened to be the dawn of a new presidency.

    As the Durango Herald Dean’s Intern, my job is to be a one-woman Washington bureau for the residents of Southwest Colorado. On a normal day, that means heading to Capitol Hill and reporting on what the two Colorado senators and Durango’s congressman, Rep. Scott Tipton, are doing.

    On January 20, my job was to cover the inauguration from a Colorado perspective. I was lucky enough to have received a press ticket for the day, so I got up at 4 A.M. and headed down to the National Mall with my friend, Jacob Wallace, who doubled as my photographer for the day. After hours of waiting, the ceremony started and I saw our next president take the oath of office.

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    Setting up a Media Village on the National Mall 

    By Dean’s Intern Sophia Myszkowski at CBS Evening News

    Sophia (left) sitting in for Charlie Rose on the National Mall in the CBS News Studio

    Sophia (left) sitting in for Charlie Rose on the National Mall in the CBS News Studio

    The second week of my internship the 45th President of the United States was inaugurated. The Evening News, CBS This Morning and CBSN (CBS News’ online streaming service), all normally broadcasted from New York, would set up shop throughout DC for the week leading up to Saturday. After a whirlwind first week at the Evening News I agreed to help out as a ‘runner’ for CBSN’ live broadcasts out of the media village on the National Mall.

    Throughout the week I assisted producers in preparing the studio for anchors and guests. The most surreal experience I had that week was on Friday as producers

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    Programming, Publicity and Puppies 

    Carson Creehan working the Puppy Bowl

    Carson Creehan working the Puppy Bowl Celebration

    By Dean’s Intern Carson Creehan at Discovery Communications

    Every day at Discovery Communications these last few weeks has been different, but all have been fascinating!

    As a communications intern on the Discovery Networks International team, I’ve had the opportunity to see how shows from Discovery’s multiple channels are promoted around the world. I’ve sat in on calls with the Discovery teams from all over the globe where we watched sneak-peeks of new shows and decided if they would be well received in each respective region.

    I’ve gotten to assist with press kits for a variety of shows. This includes editing the content, as well as brainstorming new ideas for the kits. It’s fun to flex my creative muscles and think about the best way to promote different types of programming.

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