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    On the Front Lines of Breaking News at Fox 

    By Dean’s Intern Adriana Doria at Fox News

    Adriana DoriaMy time at FOX News Media has been such an incredible experience! As a Virtual College Associate for FOX News Media, I have been able to participate, first-hand, in the fast-paced nature of the news industry.  Throughout the program, I reviewed a variety of daily news stories from multiple mediums and presented them to my team.  In addition, I was tasked with providing potential guest ideas to the booking team of this opinion-based show on a daily basis.  These responsibilities challenged me to personalize my guest recommendations based on the current news headlines and provide unique perspectives for further exploration.  The skills I further developed throughout this associate program have transferred seamlessly to scriptwriting, research, and understanding of broadcast media.

    In addition to these skills, I attended a variety of professional development master classes ranging from resume building, maintaining authenticity in the workplace, interviewing, and a variety of other department specific lectures.

    While my time at this summer program is nearing its completion, I look forward to continuing learning more skills about the news industry.  I am honored to have been part of the Virtual College Associate Program for FOX News Media.  It has further solidified my future career plans of becoming a national news broadcast journalist.


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    Hitting the Ground Running for Olympics Coverage 

    By Dean’s Intern Riddhi Setty at Voice of America

    Riddhi SettyMy experience working with Voice of America this summer as a social media intern has been both exciting and insightful. We hit the ground running every morning in order to reach an audience half-way around the world that is in an entirely different time zone. Since my internship coincided with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I had the unique opportunity to be able to work on posts and content specifically tailored to the Olympics. I put together photo galleries based on Olympic opening ceremonies, competing teams, notable athletes and medal winners. In the process, I sharpened my editing skills, learning how to use mogrt files in Premiere and working with Photoshop to put together several galleries.

    My favorite project that I worked on was a gallery of interesting stories of athletes around the world who have participated in the Olympics through the ages. I really enjoyed working on this gallery because it gave me the chance to both learn about and share the stories of people who are usually not highlighted but have led tremendous and interesting lives. While working from home definitely presents its challenges, the social team at VOA stays in close communication and someone is always there to lend a hand if you need it. Working with them has been an educational and wonderful experience.

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    Multitasking and multi-learning at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Ana Rocío Álvarez Bríñez at NBC 4

    Ana AlvarezIt is amazing how it feels like a long time has passed since I started my internship at NBC4, yet it has only been a little more than moth. I have learned so much and gained much more confidence in myself than the one I started with. This is my first official internship, and the most important thing I have learned is to accept edits and constructive criticism. I feel extremely lucky to get the chance to intern at a newsroom in which my coworkers are open to teaching and pointing out things I need to do better. That is the purpose of an internship; or at least it is mine.

    The hours in a work shift go by so fast because there are a lot of things to do. In a normal day I can clip videos, convert broadcast scripts into digital stories, write stories of my own or look for story ideas to pitch. I also have had the experience of working for the Telemundo 44 team. I translate articles from English into Spanish. This experience has showed me the importance of bilingual people in the newsroom. The Latino and Hispanic communities that live in the United States and do not speak English need to be informed too. As a Puerto Rican I feel honored to contribute a small grain so the Latino community in Washington, D.C. can stay informed.

    Links to some of my work:


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    Learning Curve at Current 

    Kayla and Anna

    Me and Anna, working at her apartment for the day.

    By Dean’s Intern Kayla Benjamin at Current

    In one episode of The Office, Michael, confused about a financial concept, says to Oscar: “explain it to me like I’m five.” My first week interning with Current, I found myself speaking with a public radio CEO and a famous jazz music reporter for my first story. My knowledge of the public media world was limited; my knowledge of jazz was nonexistent. In interviews, I wanted to say to people, “please – explain it to me like I’m an intern.”

    Working in the virtual environment has also been a learning curve for me, too – even after 2 and a half semesters of online school. It takes more initiative to ask for a video call over Slack than to start a conversation with someone at the next desk over. So, once every couple weeks, the other Current summer intern, Anna Brugmann, and I pick a day and work together in person. I’m more productive and more creative when I leave my apartment and work in a more collaborative environment – even with just one other person.

    Five stories and seven weeks later, I’ve learned a ton about how I can set myself up for success in the workplace, even a virtual one. I’ve also learned a lot about how public media works (and a few things about jazz). With each assignment, I feel a little less like I’ve been thrown into the deep end and a little more like I’m at least diving in on purpose. Still, with each new piece, I’ve also made new mistakes, from missing embarrassing typos to forgetting to quote important voices. It’s a steep learning curve, but I try not to make the same mistakes twice.

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    Soggy shoes and intrepid news: Current covers the White House 

    By Dean’s Intern Braeden Waddell at Current

    December 2019

    Braeden WaddellThis semester working at Current as an Editorial Intern has been one of the most exciting professional experiences in my life. I’ve done a little bit of everything, and I loved every second of it. Aside from regularly writing stories on a variety of issues in the realm of public media, I also reported on a Twitch live stream, videotaped the opening day first-ever full exhibition of Bob Ross paintings, and traveled to a museum covering

    But, the wildest experience I had while working at Current was getting a press pass to attend an award ceremony at the White House where President Trump handed out the National Medal of Arts.

    Politics aside, the experience was wonderful. After passing through security, I looked around confused as to where the press briefing room was located. I met a producer for a public media organization in the Czech Republic who took me under his wing, guiding me through the winding pathway into a room of reporters preparing for the ceremony.

    I waited for a while, taking too many selfies and chatting with other reporters.

    Then it began: a mass exodus of reporters emerged from the back area of the briefing room and filed outside, cameras and notepads in hand. I followed suit, and found myself standing out in the brisk November air.

    Sprinklers started going off around us, and before long a small river formed in the path leading up to the White House entrance, soaking many fancy pairs of shoes, mine included. But even then, I never got cold feet.

    A White House official led us into the main building and into the room where the awards would be presented. As we took our spots behind the audience, she yelled: “reporters, get back here!”

    We’d literally overstepped our boundaries.

    Once the flustered White House aids had rounded us all up, we waited while listening to beautiful classical music played by members of a military band.

    All at once, every camera in the room turned toward the door as Vice President Mike Pence entered the room. The sounds of clamoring reporters were quickly drowned out in applause.

    The ceremony began, and Trump entered the room. He passed out the medals and recognized each recipient, sometimes going off-script to comment positively or negatively on each individual’s history in relationship to himself and his administration.

    Before I even knew it, the ceremony was over and we were rushed out.

    Another reporter was trying to take a selfie on an iPad outside the White House with little success. I took his photo, and he took mine, and we walked out together.
    He told me he’d been there many times before, and told me he hoped to see me there again someday.

    I hope so too.

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    Supporting Journalism at the National Press Foundation 

    By Dean’s Intern Daniella Ignacio at the National Press Foundation

    December 2019

    Daniella IgnacioNPF is an organization that offers training programs and awards for professional journalists across the U.S. and internationally. Every day is always so different and I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow this semester. From honing my skills in Photoshop and InDesign while designing final reports about NPF programs, to using social media to promote the organization, there are so many skills I’m learning here that apply to journalism.

    My favorite days are program days, which are always so fascinating because I have the opportunity to learn about all the different topics that the programs focus on, promote them on social media and meet cool journalists and speakers. I consider it the equivalent of taking several media studies classes while interning. Topics covered during sessions I’ve observed include covering impeachment, local and federal reporting, FOIA and reporting on the courts.

    The day I wrote this blog, NPF had its Spotlight on Statehouse and Local Reporting training. I wrote a story on a session about covering local issues in public health. Right after that session, I traveled with the fellows and NPF staff to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where we learned from economists about how to use BLS data – which was an incredible experience to have the day before my Quantitative Methods for Journalists final! I’ll be continuing my internship into next semester and am excited to continue working with this incredible organization.

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    Diving Deep into Rapid-Response Communications at New Paradigm Agency 

    By Dean’s Intern Schanelle Saldanha at New Paradigm Agency

    SchanelleSaldanhaThis semester, I’ve gotten to chance to work as a Communications Intern with New Paradigm Agency, progressive, data-driven public affairs and communications consulting firm. My experience has been nothing short of enriching and informative, as I’ve been able to work with a variety of clients and pressing issues.

    Over the course of the semester, I have had the opportunity to delve into the rapid-response communications world by assisting with social media content, drafting and developing pitch lists and press releases, and executing several research projects and funder reports. Most importantly, I’ve gotten the chance to work with organizations that are striving to enact positive change in the world – from immigration reform to women’s health. Being able to use the communications skills I have learned to help elevate and inform the public about these causes has been an incredibly rewarding aspect of the job and has made me fall in love with our work even more.

    With only a few weeks left, I am looking forward to continuing to learn all that NP and the professional communications world have to offer me! It’s been a wonderful experience so far and I’m grateful to have had such an invaluable internship!


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    Covering the Hill for Southwest Colorado 

    By Dean’s Intern Grace George at The Durango Herald

    Grace GeorgeWorking with The Durango Herald has been one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. As an intern with The Herald, I have been able to improve my writing and reporting skills immensely while working with great editors. It has been such a meaningful experience that has helped me gain more confidence as a young journalist. I have been able to interview senators and a congresswoman, see my writing in print, and cover national news for a localized audience. I have deeply enjoyed writing stories about important political events, such as former President Trump’s second impeachment trial or the passage of the COVID Relief bill, in unique ways that connect with the interests of Southwest Colorado.
    Every article I have written for The Herald has been a learning experience. It has definitely been challenging at times, but also extremely fulfilling, and I feel myself growing as a journalist every day.
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    Diving into the Comms World at New Paradigm Agency 

    By Dean’s Intern Emily Arndt at New Paradigm Agency

    Emily ArndtThough I’m not new to the professional world, I am new to the comms world as I transition my career to communications! I’m lucky to have gotten my feet wet at New Paradigm Agency, a full-service and data-driven communications, strategic planning and research firm, as a communications intern.  NP works with a variety of clients working on progressive issues such as immigration, progressive campaigns, and education.

    I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of those issues and it feels great to work on causes I care deeply about alongside game-changing community partners. I’ve had the opportunity to produce a variety of communications outputs for clients, from social media content to funder updates to reporter lists. An added bonus of working with a diverse set of clients and issues is becoming a more well-rounded professional as I gain more knowledge about subjects I hadn’t previously been exposed to.

    It’s also been exciting to work on issues with clients as they become more salient in the news cycle. There are exciting days at NP where an issue we’ve been working on has suddenly gained more traction and we can see real results of our work in real time. Every day at NP is different and every day presents new learning opportunities. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow as a burgeoning comms professional at a firm that is contributing to America’s most pressing issues.

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    Creating Content for a Global Audience at Voice of America 

    By Dean’s Intern Sophia Solano at Voice of America

    Sophia SolanoAs an intern for Voice of America’s Student Union, a web page and online community that focuses primarily on international students in the U.S., I’ve begun thinking globally. For three years, my reporting has centered around life in the District. Now, with a global audience, I’m creating content about important issues all around the world, from Tibet to Indonesia to Colombia. In a socially-distanced pandemic world, it’s incredible to be able to connect with people from all corners of the globe and walks of life, and to talk to them about things that matter to them.

    Everyday is a whirlwind. I work with my editor, professional journalist Kathleen Struck, to report breaking news and global trends that impact international students. We have a wonderful team of interns who meet weekly and work together daily to create content for our web and social media pages. Even though it’s a remote internship, it really feels like a newsroom community, something many journalists say they’re missing right now.

    Best of all, I’m able to report important stories for our audience, including the effect of the Capitol riots on international students, college students’ COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, and the impact of the Chinese/American trade war on international student enrollment and college finances. With more stories in the works, this internship has heightened my journalism skills and love of the field immensely. Working at VOA makes me excited to enter the world of professional journalism!

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