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    Writing My Way to Success at NBC 


    By Dean’s Intern Megan Yoder at NBC4

    I really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to be honing my journalism skills than at my internship at NBC4. This is not a position where the interns bide their time making copies and getting coffee. Everyday, I am assigned exciting, fulfilling tasks. Most of the time, my assignments involve writing stories for NBCWashington.com or cutting segments of the daily news shows and posting the videos online.

    One of the most valuable experiences so far at NBC4 for me has been the writing assignments. I’ve written plenty of stories from AP wires for SOC classes, and I’ve reported a number of stories for the Eagle, but writing for NBC is a step up. I’ve had to write crime stories from D.C. police press releases, call to clarify facts on complex stories, research local events, cover breaking stories from the AP and report on D.C. events via social media in the field.

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    Packing it all in at Bloomberg/BNA 

    maevebloombergBy Dean’s Intern Maeve Allsup at Bloomberg/BNA

    It’s been a while since my last blog post, and due to the constantly changing nature of the internship, a lot has happened since then! I finished out the summer writing on the International Trade news desk, working on my first feature length article about the future of trade in the Arctic, and joining the press pool to cover the 2016 White House Summit on Global Development.

    Since coming back to school in September I’ve been focusing primarily on election stories, and my schedule is a little different since I’m only in the office two days a week. While working on Labor and Employment I wrote a feature about campaign staffers, and shadowed another reporter to an event with a Clinton financial adviser. I’m now working on the Healthcare desk, writing about issues coming up in the presidential and congressional elections, and healthcare provisions preventing the passage of TPP. Because so many members of Congress are back in their home states campaigning for re-election it’s been a little difficult to reach people for comment and interviews, but fortunately my editors have found some good contacts who aren’t on recess.

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    In the House with FLOTUS 

    By Deanmegankingatnewseum‘s Intern Megan King at the Newseum

    October 11. I arrived to my internship at the Newseum as if it would be any ordinary day. I noticed some increased security at the door and wondered who was visiting. Amazing people pass through these doors regularly – Pulitzer prize winning photographers, journalists, CEOs and Washington politicians. After I had been wanded by a guy with a ear piece, I took straight to Twitter; who was the mystery visitor? The Newseum’s feed read, “Just a few min. until @FLOTUS and @glamourmag join us at the Newseum for an International Day of the Girl Skype discussion on education!” Yes, I was a mere wall away from the first lady of the United States. I then pulled up the live stream of the conversation. As I watched FLOTUS advocate for education for everyone (yeah, she was amazing) I added captions in After Effects to videos that will appear in a gallery that is opening later this year. Having the opportunity to be at the Newseum three days a week, working with talented and passionate people, has been a huge learning experience for me. From this internship I will take with me a better understanding of how web content is created and dispersed, what the workflow is like for creating videos that will go in an exhibit, and of course, the knowledge that for a few hours, FLOTUS and I were under the same roof.

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    Hands-on Experience at NBC4-Washington 

    By Dean’schelseacatnbc Intern Chelsea Cirruzzo

    As NBC4-Washington got ready for the opening of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, I got to get in on the action by going to the concert-portion of the actual opening ceremony

    After packing my portable phone charger, grabbing a notebook and practicing my introduction—“Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I’m with NBC4-Washington. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about the museum opening?”—I was off for a night I’ll never forget. The crowd was huge, dancing along to a live performance by Public Enemy, enjoying southern comfort food, and celebrating black history and culture with enthusiasm. I met folks from all over the country, of all ages, from all different backgrounds, all united to celebrate the museum’s opening.

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    Sitting in on a Congressional Sit-In and Other Exciting Experiences 

    katemagillBy Kate Magill at The Durango Herald

    During my time as the D.C. correspondent for The Durango Herald, one of my favorite experiences was covering Senator Michael Bennet’s participation in the sit-in in Congress to protest for new gun control legislation. The day of the sit-in, I was covering a House of Representatives vote on a Department of Labor rule, and so I was watching the live video stream of the House floor. As I was watching, I kept hearing yelling from behind the camera that was filming the floor, and I couldn’t figure out why the vote hadn’t happened yet. Scrolling through Twitter, I realized that what I couldn’t see on camera was the beginning of the sit-in.

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    Discovering More and More Each Day at Discovery 


    Alexandra (right), her manager, and a fellow intern on her last day of the summer


    By Dean’s Intern Alexandra Francavilla at Discovery

    I finished up my summer at Discovery in early August. I went home and classes started as I waited for my new assignment. It was strange not going into Silver Spring every day. I missed my daily commute – reading Game of Thrones on the metro ride home and sleeping on the morning ride in because I had stayed up too late. I had come to fall into my routine, and Discovery felt like home I missed. Then, at the end of August they told me where I’d be working, and I couldn’t wait to go back to the place I made my home this summer!

    A little background to explain my internship situation: I have a three-semester long rotational internship with Discovery Communications’ department, The Agency. The Agency is basically just an internal, well, agency. Discovery owns 13 networks (such as Discovery, TLC, OWN, Animal Planet, Science Channel, etc.), so the company is broken down into those networks with their own

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    Reporting on How Learning Happens at NPR 

    Kendra2By Dean’s Intern Kendra Yoshinaga at NPR

    They say internships are what you make of them, and an internship at NPR’s Education Desk is no exception. In my time here, I’ve learned that the education beat covers much more than what happens in the classroom: ultimately, it’s about the experiences that shape the people we become. And I’ve had the freedom to chase stories I’m curious and passionate about—from the surprising ways that teachers can encourage cross-racial friendships to how memorial museums help kids make sense of tragic parts of history. (More …)

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    Paving the Way for the National Conventions at USA TODAY 

    By DeaYan USA Today Blog Photon’s Intern Yan Shi at USA TODAY

    In preparation for the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, the Interactive News team was tasked with the job of carrying out a project that involved all the newspapers under the USA TODAY NETWORK banner to capture the personalities, dreams, ideas and thoughts of supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The idea was to show and tell a different about Trump and Clinton supporters—too often we hear about the demographics of the voters, but we don’t get to hear their stories and the reasons why they’re voting the way that they are voting. The purpose was to humanize the supporters and to give the voters a face. The interactive contains photos, audio and transcripts.

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    A Dream Come True at USA TODAY 

    YanShiBlogPhoto-USATBy Dean’s Intern Yan Shi at USA TODAY

    To say that it’s been a dream of mine to work at USA TODAY is an understatement. The Dean’s Internship program has given me the privilege of working at one of the best news publications in the country, and I can’t be more grateful for the opportunity. I started just little over a month ago, and, needless to say, the month’s been full of both professional and personal growth.

    As the Interactive News intern, I’ve got the best of both worlds of what I am currently studying: computer programming and journalism. I can’t say I’m an expert at programming yet, but I’ve been able to start up projects for the team and learn some new languages and applications on the fly. It’s a little overwhelming, but the team is patient and always willing to lend a hand whenever I have questions or need help with a project.

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    On the Right Track at NBC4-Washington 

    Ellie Hartleb - NBC4By Dean’s Intern Ellie Hartleb at NBC4-Washington

    My experience at NBC Washington has solidified that I am definitely pursuing the right career for myself. Every day is packed with stories to write, videos to cut and plenty of people to talk to. The newsroom is just as bustling as you may imagine, and despite the constant high level of energy, every single person is so welcoming, kind and helpful. I am one of three interns on the digital team, but we are never treated as “just the interns.” We are integral parts of our department, and are consistently getting feedback on how to be better reporters, interns and people.

    My bosses at NBC are committed to help me reach my goals, and are always interested to hear my ideas. I have been up at 4 a.m. twice in the past month to cover Metro SafeTrack projects, and I’ll soon spend a day out of the office to spend a day in the life of a dog. I have a few of my own story ideas I’m working on in the meantime, and I feel extremely prepared to write and report them with the help of a great team of editors. I came into this internship with plenty of writing experience, and I know I will leave not only with a multitude of bylines but also with a better understanding of what it takes to be a local reporter in D.C.

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